FOA CFOS/D (Certified Fibre Optic Network Design Specialist)

FOA CFOS/H (Certified Fibre to the Home Specialist)

Here at Fibre Break we can design your whole Fibre Optic System and using our simplistic but efficient consultation process we can work out what is the best solution for your business needs.

Where a cable route is too long for conventional cabling or in areas where high levels of interference are likely, we can design and install a Fibre Optic Link. This link can be as basic as a single Fibre Optic cable or a complete Fibre Optic Network. We can offer a wide range of Fibre Optic switches & converters to handle Video, Data and Audio signals.

Fibre Break staff are experienced in Fibre Optic system design and configuration using either Single-mode or Multi-mode fibres.

The design of the system will address all aspects including route planning and nodes, signal losses and the use of either internal or external cabling. The system will be configured to ensure that adequate bandwidth is available in relation to the application.

Our site based technical staff are also qualified in the installation and testing of complete Fibre Optic networks and are also fully trained to carry out splicing and jointing of Fibre Optic cables, using our own Fusion splicer.

Testing the Fibre Optic cable or network will be carried out by our own staff using either a multi-mode or single-mode Fibre Optic light source and power meters or our own multi-mode or single-mode OTDR test equipment.

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